May 2019 horoscope

Read the astrological forecast for the month of May for all the signs of the zodiac.

ARIES horoscope

Work and family will require your attention at the same time. But don’t let chaos prevail in your life, don’t do some things right away. The location of the stars promises a successful solution for all complex problems. Remember this because the second part of the month promises to be tense. Happy numbers: 1, 26, 57, 94.

TAURO horoscope 

Good luck accompanies you in everything, especially in financial matters. It is time to open or replenish deposits or make large purchases. Unpleasant details are found about someone from a nearby environment, the secret will become obvious. This month’s motto is “Do what you want to do with you.” Happy numbers: 12, 42, 68, 90.

GEMINI horoscope

Forget about difficulties at work and dedicate time to yourself. You will have very nice looks crosses with interesting people. Do not participate in intrigues, remember that each word has its weight. Do you want activity and dynamism in your purposes? Write it down to make it work. If there is an obstacle along the way, contact your colleagues, they will help you. Happy: 5, 10, 51, 88.

CANCER horoscope

numbersYou can get tired of romantic encounters and want to relax. Follow this desire: loneliness will only benefit you. The fact that you didn’t dare for a long time will finally stop worrying. There are important changes, both in personal life and in your career. Possible interesting and necessary meetings. Happy numbers: 3, 32, 55, 74.

LEO horoscope

Your charm is capable of working wonders! Take advantage of this: a beautiful smile and the willingness to compromise will help you solve the most difficult tasks. If problems and conflicts arise, then they will resolve themselves, without the effort of the representatives of this sign. At work you can start new projects, carry out important functions, ask bosses for a deserved increase. No one is better placed to carry out their plans in this month than you, go ahead! Happy numbers: 6, 19, 4, 75.

VIRGO horoscope

Keep track of your well-being! Remember – all diseases come from the nerves. And therefore, try to protect yourself and as far as possible get away from some unpleasant and toxic people. Get ready – serious changes are expected. But to catch the luck of the bird by the tail, it will have to be nourished. At work, don’t forget the old business, nobody will do it for you. Happy numbers: 7, 15, 62, 82.

 LIBRA horoscope

Do not be afraid to surrender to the unknown, be afraid to be and do certain improper things. Feel free to ask questions if necessary for any matter including work or study. Keep your tongue behind your teeth, don’t share your plans with your colleagues. You have to consider some expenses to make home improvements, someone is waiting for the start of the repair. Possible purchase of large equipment. Happy numbers: 4, 45, 77, 95.

SCORPIO horoscope

This month’s destiny is generous for a gift. You will have the opportunity to succeed, both at work and in the affairs of Love. The main thing is that you do not miss it! Do what the intuition suggests, and it will intensify especially during this period. Differences in the workplace will get out of control. Gossip can be very harmful. Happy numbers: 29, 36, 63, 99.


The philosophical calm will save you from conflict. Colleagues may need your help. Don’t skimp on it, and you will be rewarded! Successes in the service will lead to financial well-being. Colleagues will help not only with words, but with deeds. You want to change jobs – dare! Friends will bring dramatic changes. Happy numbers: 2, 14, 50, 81.

Capricorn horoscope

In your life you can return to the forgotten past. Yes, the meeting will be fateful and for a long time it will remain among the unpleasant memories for you, but it is better to decide at once. You can start everything from a blank sheet. Put on great tasks. In the second half of the month, the ability to analyze and think strategies will be useful. Trust intuition. Happy numbers: 9, 11, 22, 60.

Aquarius horoscope

The body needs an active rest. So say goodbye to the couch and the TV and find time to walk the dog for less. Do not take credit, do not make loans, it is very dangerous for you. Those who are not satisfied with the professional field, will receive a proposal for a job change, the same, for those who want a promotion, can quickly climb the ladder. All the emotions in your personal life that you create for yourself are well received. Happy numbers: 16, 20, 59, 80.

Pisces horoscope

At work there are possible conflicts between comrades. Try to maintain neutrality. Otherwise, you run the risk of entering into a reorganization of charges within the company. In some cases it is necessary to restore order, get rid of debts. It is not advisable to take a new job. In the field of health, the kidneys and bladder are vulnerable. There is also the possibility of depression and melancholic mood, however, it is not worth taking medication, it is better to resort to non-traditional medicine. Happy numbers: 8, 17, 41, 97.